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Model No.: SC-10-RLN012L160W
Rubber Landing Net w/Wooden Handle

Net in Light style
Net: 12.5” Dia. x 24 cm Depth
Max. loading capacity: 3 kgs
Hoop size: L400 x W295 mm
Handle length: 160 mm
Overall length: 560 mm
Net color: Black or Transparent


Fishing Appliance - Rubber Landing Net

We develop a better fishing net to solve many of the functional and performance problems of traditional products. In recent years, the increase in fishing tools and accessories to meet specific angler applications and requirements has become an increasingly important part of the business.


The soft mesh material is scratch- resistant and does not hurt the fish. Non-slip handle, comfortable and durable to hold.

The position of the lock can be placed at will, practical and convenient.
The floating fishing net is light in weight and easy to catch fish.
Suitable for go fishing, freshwater aquaculture aquarium, villa park factory fish pond salvage


• Stretchy design - to fit a fish full length
• Well secured to protect and cushion the catch safety from damage and scuffs.
• Featured one-piece, seamless, elastic, durable and snag-free.


Heat resistance: 60°C ± 5°C
Cold resistance: -15°C ± 5°C

SC-10-RLN012L160W Rubber Landing Net w/Wooden Handle