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Model No.: SC-10-001
Cooling Maker, Air Cooler, Portable Air Cooling System for Car

Portable Air Conditioner Fan with 12V Cigarette Lighter Plug
Suitable Usage: In the Certain Space, Such as Car or Tent
Cooling Ability: Compared to Certain Spaces, the Temperature
Drops 5°C to 8°C
Product Dimension: (L) 57.3cm x (W) 30cm x (H) 31cm
Weight: N.W.: 4.68 KGS / G.W.: 5.58 KGS

Capacity: 18 L
Patent no.: I656306


Cooling ability:

Compared to certain spaces, the temperature drops Air cooler only use 12V cigarette lighter plug or portable power bank (battery) to supply power. It can be used for cars and tents, it also fits small spaces such as office, bedroom etc. The used water can reuse to water flowers or make ice bricks again. It is electricity-saving and eco-friendly.


Cooling Maker SC-10-001 works like a home air conditioner, but with more flexible uses. It can be used inside a vehicle, a dining car, a camping car, or a tent. It can also fit into small spaces in the office, bedroom, or living room.

The basic mechanism of the cooling maker consists of a build-in compact radiator, two fans, and one pump.  Pour in water, and add ice cube or ice brick. After the water becomes cold it will rush through the radiator. The fans and pump will then deliver cold air that can lower temperature up to 5° to 8° degree C for up to 4 ~ 7 hours depends on ambient temperature.

Using less than 12W of power, the Cooling Maker is power-saving and environmentally friendly.

Capacity is 18L and voltage is 12V. Accessories include one 12V cigar power cable. When using in a car, the power from cigarette lighter will stop if the engine is turned off. Consumer needs a portable power bank (battery) to keep the cool air flowing.

Cooling maker is easy to operate. With sufficient water & ice (please note that water level should be higher than pump), then turn on the fan speed controller). Soon you will feel the cool air from the vent holes.

Cooling maker is certified with patent of invention under number I656306.

Product Invention Story
In Japan, there are many couples, even retired couples, who will arrange to travel around Japan to enjoy romantic couple life.

During the journey, the most expensive is accommodation, so many travelers will choose to drive or rent a modified car to sleep in the car at night.

But on a hot summer night, when the car is stopped and turned off, when the car's air conditioner is not available, it always feels too hot to sleep.

This product has obtained an invention patent. As long as this product is added to ice cubes and water, the temperature can be instantly reduced to 5 ~ 8°c. and enjoy the same cooler air in dry.


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SC-10-001 Cooling Maker, Portable Cooler

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