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Model No.: SA-12-106T Tire size: 4.80-8
Model No.: SA-12-106TA Tire size: 4.80-12
Multi-Purpose Utility Trailer
Vehicle Trailers for Multipurpose Use

Bed Size: 40” x 48“
Overall Size: 52-1/4” x 78”
Payload Lbs: 1060
Coupler Size: 1-7/8”
This item meets DOT standard!!

Key Features
This trailer kit can meet multipurpose uses only depends on how you use and modify it.  There are turn signals which is safer for use. Hook up behind the car strongly and not easy to drop.  This
vehicle trailer meets US Department of Transportation (DOT) standards!  The quality is guaranteed. Contact us now for further inquiry.

How to Hook up?
Here are the 10 steps to hook up a trailer for your reference.
1. Test the trailers wiring.
2. Verify the trailer ball & hitch.
3. Back up to trailer.
4. Lower the tongue jack, secure the tongue latch, and insert the safety keeper.
5. Lift up on the trailer using the tongue jack to make sure there is a secure connection between the trailer and the hitch.
6. Raise and secure the tongue jack for towing.
7. Hook up safety chains making sure to cross them.
8. Connect the lights and run the light cord through the safety keeper.
9. Step back and verify that the trailer is level or slightly up hill.
10. Check all the running lights, left and right signal, and brake lights.

SA-12-106 Multi-Purpose Utility Trailer

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